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HR933 "Monsanto Protection Act" | Not the Singularity

HR 933 was signed into law on Tuesday, called the ”Monsanto Protection Act”. This bill was suppose to be a simple spending bill but section 735 of the bill made it impossible for you or me to sue Monsanto if we get sick from their genetically modified crops. I want to scream at the Republicans for sending Sen. Roy Blunt, Republican of Missouri, to craft the provision with the help of Monsanto itself. I want to kick the ass of the Democrats like Maryland Sen. Barbara Mikulski who turned her “back on consumers” according to Andrew Kimbrell, executive director of the Center for Food Safety,

“In this hidden backroom deal, Sen. [Barbara] Mikulski turned her back on consumer, environmental and farmer protection in favor of corporate welfare for biotech companies such as Monsanto. This abuse of power is not the kind of leadership the public has come to expect from Sen. Mikulski or the Democrat Majority in the Senate.”

250k+ people signed a petition opposing the provision and Food Democracy Now protesters even took to the streets on Pennsylvania avenue but this did nothing to disuade President Barack Obama from signing HR 933 into law.

One NCO pleaded guilty to violating a lawful general order ‘by wrongfully posing for an unofficial photograph with human casualties,’ according to a Marine Corps Combat Development Command statement. The Marine also pleaded guilty to urinating on a deceased Taliban soldier. Another NCO also pleaded guilty to wrongfully posing for an unofficial photograph with human casualties, and ‘wrongfully video recording’ the incident in an action that ‘was prejudicial to good order and discipline.’ A staff NCO pleaded guilty to violating a lawful general order by failing to report the mistreatment of human casualties by other Marines, and making a false statement to investigators. | Marines Disciplined for Taliban Desecration

Nonjudicial punishment may include reduction in rank, restriction to a military base, extra duties, forfeiture of pay, a reprimand, or a combination of these measures. It becomes a permanent part of the Marine’s record with the potential to affect re-enlistment eligibility and promotion.

If all that bothers you is that the President can send drones to kill people, you need to get serious.


Yeah, you fucking law-obsessed pussies. Go vote for Gary Johnson. We’ve always been blood thirsty murdering assholes and you’re just noticing now?

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