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Israel will break away from solitude only when it acts as a reasonable, responsible, serious and normal state. While Israel is trying to secure its legitimacy in our region on one hand, it is taking irresponsible steps which unsettle its legitimacy on the other. Erdogan said the Israeli government’s policies were an “obstacle to peace”.  Follow Turkish PMs tour of Middle East here (via newsflick)

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Turkey tells Bashar al-Assad to cease Syria repression | The Guardian

Tension between Turkey and Syria is worsening as thousands of refugees from repression by president Bashar al-Assad flee across the border

Officials in Ankara were watching closely as Syrian forces deployed in a village close to the border, Khirbet al-Jouz, after Turkey had flatly rejected an appeal from Damascus to moderate its increasingly angry public comments about the crisis.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey’s prime minister, has attacked the repression as “savagery” and urged Assad to sack its military mastermind, his brother Maher, and implement genuine reforms in the spirit of the “Arab spring”. [read more]

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Erdogan set to secure third term in Turkey

Projections by Turkish media suggest the AKP will get 326 seats in the new parliament, the CHP will get 135, the MHP will get 53, and independents will get 36. But those estimates could change as the final votes are tallied.

Erdogan hopes to rewrite the country’s constitution after the elections, and had been targeting a two-thirds majority of 367 seats would have allowed his party to do so unilaterally, without the support of other parties.

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