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How powerful is this tendency? In two different areas earlier this year, I was actually able to quantify it, and come up with what I call the conservative victimology ratio. Basically, if you harass someone and then turn about and blame them instead, that’s a one-to-one victimology ratio. If you harass 10 people, and blame them all individually, that’s a 10-to-one victimology ratio. Likewise, if you actually have been victimised once, but say that it’s happened 20 times, that’s a 20-to-one victimology ratio. What I discovered almost by accident was a victimology ratio greater than 20,000-to-one.

Paul Rosenberg | The conservative victimology ratio

Long, but damn good read…

Obama’s Republican opponents were much more thoroughly anti-99 per cent, combining Obama’s implicit scorn for the 99 per cent with intense hostility towards them, as illustrated […] by Paul Ryan’s budget plan. And yet, Obama’s own fixation on comity within the one per cent drew him much closer to Republicans in Congress than to his own electoral base in the 99 per cent. Paul Rosenberg