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Penetrated Opposition and Failure of Consensus in Syria: Interview with Haytham Manna (Part 4 of 4)

From Jadaliyya:

[…] There were parties to the conflict who wanted to create an opposition “project” with small players.

The make-up, preparation, and imposition of leadership did not proceed according to the real representative democratic formula. But nearly all external actors supported this formula. This was the end of the possibility of unity among the opposition.

The discourse and machinations of the SNC increasingly resembled those of the regime. If you wanted to remain independent, you could not join the SNC.

The leader of the Free Syrian Army was beholden to the declarations and positions of Turkish intelligence.

I don’t have the right to accuse the SNC of being traitors or agents, but I do have the right to say that their political decision was compromised by their political funding and alliances. Their discourse tried to appease the West and Israel … every other word they attack HIzballah, and Iran, to demonstrate good will to the West.

My mission is neither to attack nor to glorify Hizballah. My mission is to glorify democracy and win the democratic battle that will change both Syria and Lebanon.

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