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Ghalioun: we have failed Syrian people

Speaking to AFP after the main opposition Syrian National Council accepted his resignation as leader, Burhan Ghalioun said the chasm in its ranks between Islamist and secularists had let down the Syrian people and played into Assad’s hands.

“We were not up to the sacrifices of the Syrian people. We did not answer the needs of the revolution enough and quickly enough,” Ghalioun said.

“I submitted my resignation precisely to say that this path of division between Islamist and secular doesn’t work and I think the Syrian regime has won in that respect because since the beginning it has tried to play on this division,” the Paris-based academic said.

BREAKING: Ghalioun to step down from SNC leadership | The Daily Star

This comes on the heels of another resignation (Fawaz Tello) yesterday. The SNC is falling apart.

BEIRUT: Syrian National Council President Burhan Ghalioun told an Arab satellite channel Thursday that he is stepping down from the SNC’s leadership.

In remarks to Al-Arabiya, Ghalioun said that he does not want to be the reason for division in the Council.

He said that he would resign his post as soon as a replacement is found.