The American Bear


Interview with Tom Engelhardt and Nick Turse | History News Network

So who is the drone lobby, then? You mentioned in one of the chapters in the book and it seems to be what you’re alluding to now.

NT: Well, certainly the drone manufacturers — people like General Atomics — they’ve certainly been touting drones and have the financial incentive to do so, and the Pentagon has really bought into this and sold the public on it.

TE: And there are a set of congressional figures — southern Californians and Texans and so on — who are grouped together as the drone lobby.

But you’d probably have to go back to dreadnaughts, tanks and atomic bombs to find a weapon that’s been so overhyped. It has been sold to us — the drone — as the latest wonder weapon, and it’s been sold to us by the Pentagon, it’s been sold to us by the media, it’s been sold to us by the U.S. Air Force. It’s been sold as the sexy weaponry equivalent of the iPhone or the iPad — the sleekest thing around.

The history of wonder weapons is always the same, that they’re sold as the thing that’s going to bring us victory, peace, and security. And, of course, such weapons never deliver, but by the time they haven’t delivered, they’re embedded in our world and they don’t go away! They embed and they proliferate, and we’re about to see the massive proliferation of drones.

We’re creating the rules of the road for them, and they’re pretty ugly rules. [++]