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Imperial Outrage

Glenn Greenwald writes:

“When this fake CIA vaccination program was revealed last year, Doctors Without Borders harshly denounced the CIA and Dr. Afridi for their ‘grave manipulation of the medical act’ that will cause ‘vulnerable communities – anywhere – needing access to essential health services [to] understandably question the true motivation of medical workers and humanitarian aid.’ The group’s President pointed out the obvious: ‘The potential consequence is that even basic healthcare, including vaccination, does not reach those who need it most.’ That is now clearly happening, as the CIA program ‘is casting its shadow over campaigns to vaccinate Pakistanis against polio.’ Gulrez Khan, a Peshawar-based anti-polio worker, recently said that tribesman in the area now consider public health workers to be CIA agents and are more reluctant than ever to accept vaccines and other treatments for their children. […]

"In light of all the righteous American outrage over this prison sentence, let’s consider what the U.S. Government would do if the situation were reversed: namely, if an American citizen secretly cooperated with a foreign intelligence service to conduct clandestine operations on U.S. soil, all without the knowledge or consent of the U.S. Government, and let’s further consider what would happen if the American citizen’s role in those operations involved administering a fake vaccine program to unwitting American children. Might any serious punishment ensue? Does anyone view that as anything more than an obvious rhetorical question?”

The Imperial Mind

The snip above was written in response to all the phony American indignation over the “unjust” punishment of Doctor Shakil Afridi, sentenced in Paksitan for seriously violating medical ethical standards, endangering immunization programs all over Pakistan, and assisting in the violation of Pakistan’s sovereignty - all in collusion with the CIA - or as a typical American headline puts it, Pakistani doctor jailed for helping CIA find bin Laden.

A quick google search of “pakistan doctor osama bin laden” returns a grab bag of evidence to back up Greenwald’s Imperial Mind, proudly on display all over the mainstream press. Note the following:

According to Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, we should “Cut off aid to Pakistan and free [the] hero doctor‎”.

The persecution and unjust imprisonment of Dr. Shakeel Afridi, the Pakistani hero who helped the United States locate Usama bin Laden, is the smoking gun that explicitly demonstrates the government of Pakistan is on the side of terrorism and radical Islam.

Right, that’s the only logical conclusion. Nevermind.

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