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Mokhtar Belmokhtar Killed? Chad Army Claims Algeria Hostage Planner Dead In Mali

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Mokhtar Belmokthar Could Be Added To Secret ‘Kill’ List, Move Driven By Senior Obama Officials from AP, February 9th.


U.S. sends troops to Niger for drone missions: President Obama says the 100-troop deployment will help France in its effort to drive militants out of northern Mali from the LA Times, February 22nd

Push to Expand U.S. 'Kill List' |

Senior U.S. officials are pressing to mark for the killing or capture of the self-proclaimed mastermind of last month’s attack on an Algerian natural-gas facility that claimed the lives of 37 foreign hostages, including three Americans.

Adding the Algerian militant Mokhtar Belmokhtar to a U.S. targeted-killing list would represent a significant U.S. expansion into northwestern Africa, extending the reach of the U.S. program of drone strikes and other lethal counterterrorism operations, which have concentrated on Somalia, Yemen and Pakistan. [more]