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The Angry Arab News Service | Syrian sinking ship

From Angry Arab’s chief correspondent in Syria:

The General “defected”. According to this report (Arabic): The Brigadier General Manaf Tlas fled to Turkey, a senior security source told Syriasteps (Arabic), a media outlet known for its connections with the Syrian Moukhabarat, adding that The Brigadier General Tlas was under surveillance by the Syrian Intelligence. The same source said that the Syrian Intelligence could arrest him be let him go without providing an explanation for this adding that he escaped after realizing the Syrian Intelligence has full information about his contacts with foreign parties and his role in supervising terrorist operations in Syria.

Mnaf Tlas is the younger son of Moustafa Tlas, the former minister of defense who live in Paris for few months now. The old brother of Manaf is Firas Tlas, a businessman who left to Egypt and said to become critical towards the regime. Before been defected, Mounaf Tlas used to be the commander of the 105th Brigade (Republican Guard).

Manaf Tlas could be the first fat rat evacuating the sinking ship of the Syrian Regime.