The American Bear


Everybody wants their privacy, but I don’t know how you’re going to maintain it. It’s just we’re going into a different world, uncharted, and, like it or not, what people can do, what governments can do, is different … you can’t keep the tides from coming in. … There’ll be cameras every place … We’re going to have more visibility and less privacy. I just don’t see how you could stop that. … It’s scary. What’s the difference whether the drones up in the air or in the building? I mean intellectually, I have trouble making a distinction. And you know you’re going to have face recognition software.

Mayor Bloomberg On Domestic Drones In NYC | Business Insider

What I hear: “I mean, drones are just a natural thing that happens, like the wind or sunlight. What can we do against such things? I’m only the most powerful mayor in the country, I can’t stop this. You can’t stop this. Just resign yourself to inevitability.”