The American Bear


The second, and in my view, more likely road to wimpdom is a showtrial with an innocent verdict. That is, Brennan will be hard-questioned and then confirmed. Note that the implication will then be that the Senate will have thus confirmed the policy while pretending to dislike it. Look for this outcome unless the Republicans rear their heads. (But don’t bet on Republican relief. We’re talking about blood here, kills, and Republicans love their manhoods just as much.)

We aren’t known for torture any more, we’re known for killing people.

This was written before John (aka “the priest”) Brennan’s confirmation hearing.

AND this is exactly what happened (and regarding the confirmation, will happen), minus any “hard questions” of course:

[Dianne Feinstein’s] questions weren’t just slow-pitch softball; it was as if someone tweaked the settings on the pitching machine to “Half-Blind One-Armed Opponent Taking Their First Cuts Minutes After Learning of the Existence of Softball as a Game.”