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Times Bureau Chief in Jerusalem will now have her Facebook entries edited | Glenn Greenwald

From all appearances, it’s only Rudoren who is subjected to these constraints. It is hardly a coincidence that the journalist who has these controls imposed on her happens to be the one who reports on and from Israel, the topic which continues to be the most constricted and policed in US political and media discourse. Indeed, Sullivan cited this fact as a reason such restrictions were necessary in this case, noting that Rudoren is in “one of the most scrutinized and sensitive jobs in journalism – the Jerusalem bureau chief of The New York Times”, and adding: “Given the spotlight that the Jerusalem bureau chief is bound to attract … this was a necessary step.”

That the New York Times is petrified that its Jerusalem Bureau Chief might express some “unfiltered and unedited thoughts” is a potent reflection of just how stifled discussion of this topic remains. Such freedom may lead to deviation from approved scripts, and when it comes to this topic (Israel), nothing instills fear in establishment media institutions more than that possibility.