The American Bear


Never mind that every part of Romney’s argument is either misleading or downright false. What’s chilling is how Romney accents the second syllable of ‘entitled’, just to emphasise the sheer balls of all these freeloaders and the disgust in which he wants his donors to know he holds them. Of course, he doesn’t ‘worry about them’. They don’t exist in his universe of foreign tax havens, race horses and homes on multiple continents. For Romney, the middle class exists in the rarefied air of $200,000-250,000, when the median household income is in fact as little as one fifth that amount. In fact, those earning in this range constitute the top 1.5 per cent of American households, according to the 2005 US census (the numbers are no doubt even more skewed today). The policy and political implications of confusing the top 1.5 for the 50th percentile are both profound and deeply troubling. Romney’s poisoned gift to Obama