The American Bear


It’s quite possible that if I had spent a fortune on them, they would have got an extra grade A GCSE here and there, and a rugger trip to Johannesburg along the way. But that’s not the same thing as getting an education. My kids both walked to their local school with classmates they never would have met on the private bus to Dulwich College. (Top tip by the way, there is a London bus, free to children, that travels exactly the same route.) My kids rubbed along with classmates of all races and classes. They know the other people in their community, they are not frightened when they walk down the high street after dark, they have gained an understanding of how society works that you could never get in an institution from which most of society is excluded. John O’Farrell explains why he chose a state school instead of private schools to give his children the very best education. (via arabstateofmind)

(via arabstateofmind)