The American Bear


The worst criticism to be offered about the catastrophe in Iraq by most members of the political establishment is that it was handled ‘incompetently.’ They are unable to say that our invasion of Iraq was immoral at the core, because they refuse to surrender the belief that we act for the ‘right reasons’ and on behalf of history’s ‘ultimate solution,’ which only we have. We may execute the plan remarkably poorly, but it can never be doubted that we had ‘good intentions.’ Trapped in the Wrong Paradigm: Three Handy Rules

The same, of course, can be applied to our current adventures.

Arthur Silber:

"… if they had succeeded, and if we were to “succeed” in that manner today, we would have an example of … Empire at its most “efficient”: a puppet government in thrall to the U.S., under our control in all the ways that matter, and doing our bidding entirely. Is this what people mean by “competence” and “success”? If so, stop talking about “freedom” and “democracy.” Talk about the glories of Empire, and be done with it.