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Yemen: reported US covert action July 3rd, 2012 | TBIJ

July 3 2012
♦ 2-5 killed

♦ 2 reported injured

Up to five alleged militants were killed in a possible evening drone attack. The Defence Ministry said two of the dead were senior AQAP figures named Hussein Rubay and Fahad al-Harithy. It was not clear if one or two drones took part in the strike, and if one or two cars were hit. The target of the strike was ‘pulverise‘. It was reportedly carrying weapons and ammunition.

The strike came as the Defence Ministry announced it had detained a group of 14 militants from three separate terrorist cells somewhere in the country. The group was made up of ‘four Egyptians, two Jordanians, a Somali, a Tunisian and a man from Dagestan in Russia’s North Caucasus.’

Type of action: Possible US drone strike
Location: Bayhan, Shabwah province
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