The American Bear


That [some people benefit from a law] cannot ever be the standard for judgment. The standard must focus on the primary or major effect of the legislation: on what lies at the heart of the bill. What lies at the heart of the health ‘reform’ bill is a massive transfer of wealth from ‘ordinary’ Americans to an already hugely wealthy and powerful insurance industry via the mandate system, which is made still worse by being a subsidized mandate system (which means that taxpayers are robbed at gunpoint twice). As a result, the legislation in its totality is, right, a piece of shit.

About Helping “Some” People

I post this with the full knowledge that the court was not the place to win this battle, but let’s be honest about what the ACA actually accomplishes. For some people.

America’s past is full of laws that help “some”, but not all, of its citizens. Enough. We have to keep pushing for single-payer healthcare for everyone, even if it means at the state level. Vermont did it - with bipartisan support - through their state legislature. Wherever it can happen, we need to push. The ACA corporate give-away is not a “win”, but a really shitty step towards (maybe backwards) from a humane healthcare system.

Or tell me to be a “realist”.