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Leaks and Transparency | Bernard Finel

Well, Washington is up in arms about “leaks.” Very Serious People across the political spectrum are calling for investigations and a crack down on leaks. All very predictable.

But what is interesting to me is that no one seems to be asking whether this leaked information should ever have been kept secret.

I mean, don’t we have a right to know details about how the President chooses to kill individuals? Indeed, I’d argue that while using drones may be a defensible policy [no, ed.], I see no reason to do so in secret [yes, ed.].

In a similar fashion, why should our involvement in cyber attacks be kept secret? Look, this is potentially an act of war. The public has a right to know what we are doing, since there are major potential consequences to those decisions.

The default should be transparency. We shouldn’t even be talking about leaks, because everything that was “leaked” recently should have been public in the first place.