The American Bear


FDR was right: ‘The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.’ More so than any terror threat, it is the fear mongering about national security that presents the greatest danger to our Republic’s future. No ‘home of the brave’ would be brow-beaten by fears of ‘giving rights to terrorists’ into resigning its own rights, inviting repression upon itself by allowing government powers long used to define authoritarianism. Welcome to the U.S. House of Representatives! Is it too generous to say that democracy in America hangs by a thread?

Shahid Buttar, Congress cans the Constitution, as Chicago police abduct activists

The failures of Congress, or for that matter the (to quote…ahem…Sarah Palin) “lamestream press” to pay any heed to these myriad [transpartisan] voices [of dissent against the NDAA] suggests a process problem even beyond military detention. If our elected leaders are beholden to executive power and hellbent on eroding the judiciary’s (and their own) ability to check future abuses, does it even matter what We the People do?

It’s a bit like watching a Republic fall apart at the seams, in slow motion.