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NSA Whistleblower: Justice Department Covers Up Crimes of Obama, Bush Administrations | The Dissenter

"In a recent segment from Current TV‘s show “Viewpoint,” host Eliot Spitzer interviewed three National Security Agency whistleblowers: William Binney, a former technical director; Kirk Wiebe, former senior analyst; and Thomas Drake, a former senior official. Each man talked about what he saw the NSA do when they were employees.”

ELIOT SPITZER: You see what’s going on with the Justice Department these days. We’re prosecuting Roger Clemens for steroid use. You guys are made into enemies of the state. Nobody on Wall Street has been held accountable. Do you begin to think something is amiss somewhere?

WILLIAM BINNEY: Absolutely. Absolutely, yes. But the real problem I see is that the DoJ is covering up for all the crimes that this administration and the previous administration has been committing against every one of the public…

… KIRK WIEBE: We have a Congress that isn’t ensuring protections under the Fourth Amendment as well. We have a real problem on multiple fronts in government. [emphasis added]

Kevin Gosztola:

Not only is the Justice Department engaged in the act of shielding officials and corporate executives from prosecution for crimes, but Congress is not fulfilling its role as the Legislative Branch that is supposed to check the power of the Executive Branch by engaging in oversight. It is complicit and impotent. And, as these whistleblowers have been targeted, Congress has not raised much of an objection to this conduct by the Obama Justice Department at all.

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